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If you are looking to enquire about a puppy from Shepajax GSD please read through the following questions and include the answers in your application to the email address below.


(Enquires that do not contain any information about the type of home you can offer one of our much loved puppies may not be responded to.)

  • Introduce us to your family. Who are you all? (Including any existing pets of course!) 


  • Tell us about your home. Is it highset/lowset? What's the fencing like? Is it German Shepherd puppy proof? Where will your puppy spend the majority of its time? Is there adequate shade? Will your puppy be an inside family member or be mostly outside?


  • What kind of lifestyle can you provide one of our puppies? (We aim to match our puppies personalities with the lifestyles our puppy families already have.  This ensures us that we have done all we can to meet both our own expectations of the happy and loved lives we wish our puppies to lead, as well as making sure that a more laid back family doesn't end up with the most hyperactive puppy! In doing this, our hope is that we are creating a perfect forever match between you and your puppy.)


  • Why do you want a German Shepherd Dog? Do you have any experience with the breed?


  • What is your ideal German Shepherd Dog?  Male? Female? Stock coat? Long Stock Coat? Colour?  


  • Your long term commitment and aspirations with your German Shepherd Dog are? 
    Example: Family companion, Showing, Obedience, Assistance/Therepy dog, Breeding, Security dog, competing in dogs sports (such as herding, endurance or agility.)




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Contact Details

Sarah and Sharon Ballantyne-Gordon 

0408 702 766