About our Puppies




We breed first and foremost for ourselves, with the intention of projecting our ideal German Shepherd Dog into the world in alignment with the German Shepherd Dog Standard. (See below.)



Our puppies are raised from birth in the bedroom with us. As they grow they progress through three different stages of age appropriate play areas. 


Puppies are exposed to a variety of environmental stimulation such as lawn mowers, vacuum cleaners and other standard household sights and sounds.

From birth they listen to our custom made "puppy playlist" which features everything from thunderstorms, police sirens, roadwork noise, airport and hospital waiting room ambience, to soothing sounds and calming music. 


They begin toilet training at around five weeks of age and by the time they are ready to leave us they are generally pretty good at letting us know when they want to go outside to the toilet. 

As they begin to exhibit different behaviours we introduce the word for the behaviour, for instance 'sit' and 'come' we also introduce the word 'gentle' and encourage them to keep all four feet on the ground when playing with them. 


Our puppies are supervised 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from birth until the time they leave us at 8 weeks of age. 


Our aim is to produce confident, trustworthy, reliable, calm, self assured German Shepherd Dogs. Who we hope will make wonderful additions to any family as well as becoming beautiful ambassadors of the breed that we are so passionate about. 


We take our responsibility as breeders incredibly seriously and are very selective about the forever homes our puppies go to.


Our puppies are A.N.K.C. Registered, vaccinated, microchipped, vet checked, and come with a health guarantee.


Our puppies come from parents who have successfully gained thier AZ Stamps (Hip and Elbow certification) 





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Contact Details

Sarah and Sharon Ballantyne-Gordon 

0408 702 766